New soap removing skin rashes


A newly developed soap for relief from most skin disorders and parasites is available for veterinary and human use.

Mareeba entrepreneur Keith Courte said he developed the soap after working in New Guinea.

Charcoal soap manufacturer Keith Courte with a sample of his remarkable soap

He said there were plenty of skin ailments which could be caught in PNG and he decided to make a soap which would remove parasites and rashes.

To his surprise after sending soap to the Fly River region for evaluation the locals said it cleaned up all their skin problems.

He has numerous testimonials from PNG and northern Australia backing the soap.

One happy user from Murray Island in the Torres Strait said she had a bad rash on her cheeks and nose for years and after a short time using the charcoal soap her rash had disappeared.

Another said the soap had almost cleaned up her scabies.

Mr Courte recently dispatched a carton of soap to a coal mine where miners have been experiencing problems with heat rash.

A dog kennel proprietor said he had used the soap on dogs with persistent fleas and skin rashes and most cleared up after a few washes.

On the Tablelands a horse owner said the charcoal soap worked wonders on her horses.

Mr Courte can be contacted on  for orders or enquiries.


One thought on “New soap removing skin rashes”

  1. hello – Great to know this wonderful soap is being made in Oz !!! hope it all goes well for you – and when I have finished what I have will get to you for more !!!
    I have been using CH soap for years – have psoriasis —areas get itchy – the soap lessens the areas – wash hair in it too … Would you have any idea how to heal a psoriasis lesion ?? I was wondering about Sulphnillamide powder ?? have you access to that ?


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